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Quick Release Hose Clamp

Reusable and quite easy to take on and off, the quick release hose clamp is mainly geared towards light-duty, low-pressure hose clamping jobs. It is typically fitted in the air outlet of a central air conditioning system.

Features of Quick Release Hose Clamp
All basic functions aside, this screw band clamp can adjust its opening and tightening torque according to the diameter of the hose to be clamped. It can be opened to be fitted over a wide range of hose sizes, unlike traditional worm gear hose clamps that can only be tightened with a wrench.

Steel band, housing, saddle, and screw can be made of different materials, the most popular being W1, W2, and W4.

Technical Specs
Material Band Housing Washer Screw Recommended
W1 Galvanized Steel AISI 203ss AISI 410ss Galvanized Steel 3.4Nm
W2 AISI 201ss/301ss AISI 304ss AISI 410ss Galvanized Steel 4Nm
W4 AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 304ss AISI 410ss AISI 301ss/304ss
SFS03 Quick Release Hose Clamp with 12.7mm-Wide Steel Band
Model No. Size Item No.
SAE No. mm inch W1 W2 W4
12 13-32 1.25" SFS03A1332 SFS03B1332 SFS03D1332
20 19-44 1.75" SFS03A1944 SFS03B1944 SFS03D1944
24 26-51 2" SFS03A2651 SFS03B2651 SFS03D2651
28 26-57 2.25" SFS03A2657 SFS03B2657 SFS03D2657
36 26-70 2.75" SFS03A2670 SFS03B2670 SFS03D2670
48 38-89 3.5" SFS03A3889 SFS03B3889 SFS03D3889
56 25-101 4" SFS03A25101 SFS03B25101 SFS03D25101
72 51-127 5" SFS03A51127 SFS03B51127 SFS03D51127
88 51-152 6" SFS03A51152 SFS03B51152 SFS03D51152
104 44-178 7" SFS03A44178 SFS03B44178 SFS03D44178
116 44-197 7.8" SFS03A44197 SFS03B44197 SFS03D44197
128 44-217 8.5" SFS03A44217 SFS03B44217 SFS03D44217
136 44-228 9" SFS03A44228 SFS03B44228 SFS03D44228
152 51-254 10" SFS03A51254 SFS03B51254 SFS03D51254
188 52-312 12" SFS03A52312 SFS03B52312 SFS03D52312
--- 362-457 18" SFS03A362457 SFS03B362457 SFS03D362457
--- 355-508 20" SFS03A355508 SFS03B355508 SFS03D355508
--- 44-509 20" SFS03A44509 SFS03B44509 SFS03D44509

Other specs and materials are available upon request. The above information are used for reference only.

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