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Make A Clamp Kit

Make your own hose clamp with our make-a-clamp kit. Buying this hose clamp kit means you can determine the length of steel band depending on your specific application need, and add or subtract a certain number of housings when work load varies.

Large-Size Make-A-Clamp Kit MS03
Small-Size Make A Clamp Kit XM02
Small-Size Make A Clamp Kit XM02

With our make a clamp kit, attaching a hose to a fitting is quick and easy. We supply these steel bands in a variety of steel grades, including 201, 301, 304, and 316. Screw housings can be made of stainless steel as well. Screw is generally galvanized steel.

Steel Band Width: 12.7mm, 8mm

Steel bands sell on rolls. Pack into paper boxes, plastic bags or blister packs.

Technical Specs
Item No. Band Width mm Length of Band mm Band Gauge mm Material No. of Housings Free Torque Nm Break Torque Nm
MS03 12.7 3000 0.6 201ss/301ss/304ss/316ss 6 0.6 2.5
XM02 8 3000 0.6 201ss/301ss/304ss/316ss 6 0.8 6.5

Other specs and materials are available upon request. The above information are used for reference only.

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