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Spring-Loaded T-Bolt Clamp

Kainuo spring loaded T-bolt clamp is designed to compensate for pressure fluctuations in all types of hoses. When temperature, pressure, or tension strength changes cause the hose line to expand or contract, the spring-loaded bolt and barrel hose clamp can adjust accordingly to provide constant band tension.

For outdoor environments, industrial machinery, and coolant circulating, air intake and outlet lines in heavy duty trucks, the trunnion hose clamp is the ideal choice for leak-proof performance.

Materials, Tightening Torque
Band width Material Band Housing Trunnion cap spring bolt nut Installing Torque Nm
19 W2 AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 304ss zinc plated steel zinc plated steel zinc plated steel 9

Custom materials are available upon request.

T-spring hose clamp
Size Band Width Item No. Recommended Installation Torques
mm mm W2
63-70 19 QL02B6370 9Nm
67-75 QL02B6775
70-78 QL02B7078
72-80 QL02B7280
73-81 QL02B7381
76-84 QL02B7684
77-85 QL02B7785
79-87 QL02B7987
83-90 QL02B8390
86-94 QL02B8694
87-95 QL02B8795
89-97 QL02B8997
92-100 QL02B92100
95-103 QL02B95103
99-106 QL02B99106
102-109 QL02B102109
103-110 QL02B103110
105-113 QL02B105113
107-115 QL02B107115
108-116 QL02B108116
111-119 QL02B111119
112-120 QL02B112120
114-122 QL02B114122
130-138 QL02B130138
132-140 QL02B132140
138-146 QL02B138146
140-148 QL02B140148
152-160 QL02B152160
155-164 QL02B155164
182-190 QL02B182190
187-195 QL02B187195

Other specs and materials are available upon request. The above information are used for reference only.

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