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Heavy-Duty Bolt Clamp (with Solid Trunnions)

Unlike a spring-loaded T-bolt clamp that comes with 2-piece trunnions, this heavy-duty hose clamp features one-piece, solid barrel trunnions for increased fracture resistance. Ideally suited to aerospace, transportation, commercial and special-purpose vehicles, agricultural, machinery manufacturing, and factory construction industries. Typical uses are for fastening and sealing vacuum and positive pressure pipelines comprising plastic or steel-lined pipe fittings.

Heavy-Duty Bolt Clamp W1
Heavy-Duty Bolt Clamp W4

Materials, Installing Torques
Materials: W1, W2, W4, W5

Material Band Bridge Trunnion Sleeve Bolt
W1 Galvanized steel Galvanized steel Galvanized steel Galvanized steel Galvanized steel
W2 AISI 430ss AISI 430ss zinc plated steel zinc plated steel zinc plated steel
W4 AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 301ss/304ss A2-70
W5 AISI 316ss AISI 316ss AISI 316ss AISI 316ss A4-70
Screw W1 W2 & W4 & W5 Installing Torque Pack
Item No. Band Width
Item No. Band Width
pcs /carton
17-19 M5×40 QL03A1719 0.6×18 QL03B1719 QL03D1719 0.6×18 4.5Nm 200
20-22 M5×40 QL03A2022 QL03B2022 QL03D2022 200
23-25 M5×40 QL03A2325 QL03B2325 QL03D2325 200
26-28 M5×40 QL03A2628 QL03B2628 QL03D2628 200
29-31 M6×50 QL03A2931 0.8×20 QL03B2931 QL03D2931 0.6×20 9Nm 200
32-35 M6×50 QL03A3235 QL03B3235 QL03D3235 200
36-39 M6×50 QL03A3639 QL03B3639 QL03D3639 200
40-43 M6×50 QL03A4043 QL03B4043 QL03D4043 200
44-47 M6×55 QL03A4447 1.2×22 QL03B4447 QL03D4447 0.8×22 100
48-51 M6×55 QL03A4851 QL03B4851 QL03D4851 100
52-55 M6×55 QL03A5255 QL03B5255 QL03D5255 100
56-59 M6×55 QL03A5659 QL03B5659 QL03D5659 100
60-63 M6×55 QL03A6063 QL03B6063 QL03D6063 100
64-67 M8×70 QL03A6467 1.5×22 QL03B6467 QL03D6467 18Nm 100
68-73 M8×70 QL03A6873 1.5×24 QL03B6873 QL03D6873 0.8×24 100
74-79 M8×70 QL03A7479 QL03B7479 QL03D7479 50
80-85 M8×70 QL03A8085 QL03B8085 QL03D8085 50
86-91 M8×70 QL03A8691 QL03B8691 QL03D8691 50
92-97 M8×70 QL03A9297 QL03B9297 QL03D9297 50
98-103 M8×70 QL03A98103 QL03B98103 QL03D98103 50
104-112 M8×80 QL03A104112 QL03B104112 QL03D104112 50
113-121 M8×80 QL03A113121 QL03B113121 QL03D113121 50
122-130 M8×80 QL03A122130 QL03B122130 QL03D122130 50
131-139 M10×90 QL03A131139 1.7×26 QL03B131139 QL03D131139 1.0×26 29Nm 50
140-148 M10×90 QL03A140148 QL03B140148 QL03D140148 50
149-161 M10×110 QL03A149161 QL03B149161 QL03D149161 50
162-174 M10×110 QL03A162174 QL03B162174 QL03D162174 25
175-187 M10×110 QL03A175187 QL03B175187 QL03D175187 25
188-200 M10×110 QL03A188200 QL03B188200 QL03D188200 25
201-213 M10×110 QL03A201213 QL03B201213 QL03D201213 25
214-226 M10×110 QL03A214226 QL03B214226 QL03D214226 25
227-239 M10×110 QL03A227239 QL03B227239 QL03D227239 25
240-252 M10×110 QL03A240252 QL03B240252 QL03D240252 25

Other specs and materials are available upon request. The above information are used for reference only.

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