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Mini Hose Clamp

Mini hose clamps use bolts and nuts to achieve great clamping force. They are suitable for tightening around small-diameter soft hoses. The smaller the diameter, the better the sealing performance. Require installing torques as small as 1.8N.m. Typical uses for mini hose clamps are on rubber hoses, nylon braided plastic hoses, fire hoses, and more.

French Style Mini Hose Clamp
Mini Hose Clamp

Galvanized stainless steel, AISI 301/304 stainless steel

Material Band Screw Nut
W1 Galvanized steel Galvanized steel Galvanized steel
W4 AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 301ss/304ss

Screws are either slotted or Philips.

Mini Hose Clamp
Size Band Width Item No. Pack
mm mm W1 W4 pcs /carton
6-8 9 MN01A0608 MN01D0608 2000
7-9 MN01A0709 MN01D0709 2000
8-10 MN01A0810 MN01D0810 2000
9-11 MN01A0911 MN01D0911 2000
10-12 MN01A1012 MN01D1012 2000
11-13 MN01A1113 MN01D1113 2000
12-14 MN01A1214 MN01D1214 2000
13-15 MN01A1315 MN01D1315 2000
14-16 MN01A1416 MN01D1416 2000
15-17 MN01A1517 MN01D1517 2000
16-18 MN01A1618 MN01D1618 2000
17-19 MN01A1719 MN01D1719 2000
18-20 MN01A1820 MN01D1820 2000
19-21 MN01A1921 MN01D1921 2000
20-22 MN01A2022 MN01D2022 2000
21-23 MN01A2123 MN01D2123 2000
22-24 MN01A2224 MN01D2224 2000
23-25 MN01A2325 MN01D2325 2000
24-26 MN01A2426 MN01D2426 2000
25-27 MN01A2527 MN01D2527 2000
26-28 MN01A2628 MN01D2628 2000
27-29 MN01A2729 MN01D2729 1000
28-30 MN01A2830 MN01D2830 1000
29-31 MN01A2931 MN01D2931 1000
30-32 MN01A3032 MN01D3032 1000
31-33 MN01A3133 MN01D3133 1000
32-34 MN01A3234 MN01D3234 1000

Other specs and materials are available upon request. The above information are used for reference only.

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